Zeppelins Return

Crazy idea, why not build airships and use Hydrogen gas? Read the attached:


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Nexus 7 vs Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch

Well just compared the 2013 Nexus 7 wifi model vs the Samsung Tab 3 8 inch wifi tablet.

Very interesting result. On paper the Nexus 7 should win hands down, and most reviews of these machines call it that way.

But suggest you go try both in a shop. I now much prefer the Galaxy 8 inch tablet. Comparison follows:

1. Galaxy screen resolution is lower that Nexus, but still 1200 x 800 and much stronger colours. I find this easy to use and the extra screen size is a big difference, also much nicer for videos.

2. Weight, they feel roughly the same in hand but the Galaxy 8 inch screen works really well.

Speed, in use and opening, running most apps cant tell any difference. But not using either for games or power hungry apps. For most apps a good dual core cpu matches the newer quad core machines.

3. Feel – both machines are well made. Galaxy has 16gb internal and micro sd slot that takes up to 64gb.

4. Price, the Galaxy is around £180 to £200, so cheaper than the 32gb Nexus at £239.

Summary – for me the bigger screen, bold colours and micro sd slot make a difference, so using the Galaxy most of the time.


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August 26, 2013 · 5:52 pm

Samsung Note 2 review

Ok, have upgraded my original Galaxy Note 1 for the new Note 2. Some brief opinions will follow.

1. The screen is not significantly better, maybe a little improved in video.

2. Dimensions: the rounded narrower form factor makes it much easier to hold one handed.

3. Much faster, quad cores are cool. plus the 2GB ram probably helps.

4. Nice stylus as others have commented.

5. Better software, especially the floating video option.

6. Overall 4.5 stars, as the screen on the Nexus 7 and HTC One X are better, whiter and sharper.


I lov my Note 2, its a pocket super computer. What more do you want?

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EP3 thoughts

Well just did a blind test using some shots from the X100 versus the EP3 with a friend. They clearly preferred the output from the EP3, overall.

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Nexus 7 3G

Just got the new Nexus 7 inch tablet with 32GB and 3G built in. Must say big improvement over the old Nexus 7, now has auto screen rotate, much slicker, no glitches and adequate memory.

Havent tried the 3G yet, will post on that soon.

Best 7 inch tablet for the money.


Well have been using the Nexus for a while now, finding it very useful on train to check mail, and check web.

Best 7 inch tablet on market and half price of Apple mini ipad. (which I would like but cant now justify.)

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Fuji X100 vs Olympus EP3

Well here is the beginning of an unfolding saga as I test these two new cameras.

Got the Fuji X100 as had the x10 and loved the design but wanted higher spec. Love the design especially the black limited edition which I have.

Also have the EP3 which I know has an older micro 43 sensor and not as good as the new OMD style, but couldnt afford that just now.

Anyway, the Fuji X100 is great to handle and if you can get it to focus takes fabulous shots, very fine detail, nice colour balance. Watch out for the slightly wide lens on portraits though.

Problem is IF you can get it to focus, indoors or low light the focus is right 50% of the time. Very annoying. True I’m not the best photographer on earth, (or even in my village).

The Olympus EP3 however takes shots with less details if you zoom in to pixel level and much more chroma noise even at low ISO, but the colours are rich and the images are in focus 100% of the time. (Using a 17mm prime lens i.e. 35mm equivalent, so close to the Fuji.)

So Im probably using the EP3 for street work and people, but the Fuji for landscapes and still subjects.

Will be interesting to test again with a 45mm portrait lens on the EP3.

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Summer School 2012


Here is a link to some of my Summer school photos.


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I recently started a new company, Uberspectrum Ltd. We have just launched a new android app called Mood Space. It uses advanced text analysis to measure the emotional state of your Facebook friends and creates a visual display of this.

Available on the android app store and from http://www.uberspectrum.com

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HTC One X review

Update II
Ok changed the device at my local 3 shop, and inserted first firmware patch. No longer runs hot, still warm but ok.

The screen is superb, and overall now happy. Camera could be better though.

The device does run hot, it seems to overheat, even running the simplest apps. Waiting to see if the first patch will fix this if not its goes back to the shop.

Ok here is the first post in my experience with the new HTC One X. Got mine from 3 mobile in the UK with an unlimited data contract. I noticed the device from the mobile world congress reports and thought it sounded cool.

Well it is cool! Verry cool. The design is stunning, simply a whole new level of mobile device.

So far here are the pros and cons.

Design, its slick and feels great in the hand, if anything a bit too thin.
Feels tough and well finished but will still get a case for it.
Screen is superb, its High Def 720p and videos are excellent.
Speed, its fast but doesn’t feel that much faster than my Galaxy II.
HTC sense and Icecream are well fitted together, it feels like a finished product.

Only 32GB built in memory and no micro sd card option. Still you get 25gb free dropbox so not so bad.
Battery is only 1800ma, its ok I get a days use or 6 hours video playback. Havent done detailed test on that yet, come back later.

Havent tested the camera yet but looking forward to it.

Some example shots.
The image quality in good light is ok but the indoor shots are less than great, possibly the adaptive flash is not responding well?

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