Playbook OS2.0 review

Ok, here is a mini review of the Blackberry Playbook with the new OS 2.0 installed.

First with the old version 1.0 operating system it was a nice piece of hardware and basically a paperweight.

With the new OS however, we have a different creature altogether. The hardware is brilliant, very nice fit and finish, up to Apple quality. But the new OS is great for the following reasons.

1. Can side-load android apps, not many at present, best go to and follow the instructions. You need to use a separate application to load pre-built Bar files but even I could manage it.

2. Not many android apps available as yet but Kindle is and it works fine on the Playbook.

3. We are promised Zinio will arrive in late March as a native app, cool.

4. The new message and calendar apps are very nice and synch well with most email services.

5. Nice new contacts app that can grab your gmail, facebook stuff etc.

6. Video on the device is slick, the screen quality is great, as its an IPS screen. Resolution not that high but perfectly fine on a 7 inch display.

7. Audio quality is excellent, tested on my Denon earphones, as good or better than ipod touch. Would like a choice of music apps as on android with equalizer control, but nothing decent yet. Still the built in music app is good and has album art etc.

8. Works great with my Creative D200 bluetooth speakers.

9. Battery life, not fully tested but just browsing on wifi and playing music, getting 10 hours use. Will test on a video loop later this week. Ok done that, and very impressed, playing 720 video with 70% screen brightness I got over 8 hours of battery life.

10. Blackberry app store. Ok to be honest this is disappointing,  I was hoping  more android apps would have migrated across with the new OS release, as its easy for a developer to do so. You can get the basics like angry birds, but not something like a good Internet radio app. (If anyone has found one please let me know.)

Will post more later.



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