Playbook Summary

For the money, (around £270 for the 64GB version in PC World UK), it is a very nice device. It is a little heavy, but that’s because its so well made, a solid block of metal with a cool black soft touch finish. If like me you need a portable device for ebooks, browsing, music (good quality though) and video, its a great device. Doesn’t yet have the range of apps of android let alone Apple, but the essential racing games and angry birds are there for fun.

If we can have Zinio and a decent radio tuner app soon I would give it five stars. At present 4/5 stars.

I don’t have a Blackberry phone so haven’t assessed against that.

Had a weird glitch on the device, a small red band of fixed pixels appeared in top left corner of screen, stayed even after hard reboot. Thought I would have to return, so did a factory reset which fixed it, screen fine again. Weird.

Ok, now realise this is how it signals new messages or updates available.

Update 2013

Gave it to a friend, now have the new Nexus 7 3G and much happier.

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