HTC One X review

Update II
Ok changed the device at my local 3 shop, and inserted first firmware patch. No longer runs hot, still warm but ok.

The screen is superb, and overall now happy. Camera could be better though.

The device does run hot, it seems to overheat, even running the simplest apps. Waiting to see if the first patch will fix this if not its goes back to the shop.

Ok here is the first post in my experience with the new HTC One X. Got mine from 3 mobile in the UK with an unlimited data contract. I noticed the device from the mobile world congress reports and thought it sounded cool.

Well it is cool! Verry cool. The design is stunning, simply a whole new level of mobile device.

So far here are the pros and cons.

Design, its slick and feels great in the hand, if anything a bit too thin.
Feels tough and well finished but will still get a case for it.
Screen is superb, its High Def 720p and videos are excellent.
Speed, its fast but doesn’t feel that much faster than my Galaxy II.
HTC sense and Icecream are well fitted together, it feels like a finished product.

Only 32GB built in memory and no micro sd card option. Still you get 25gb free dropbox so not so bad.
Battery is only 1800ma, its ok I get a days use or 6 hours video playback. Havent done detailed test on that yet, come back later.

Havent tested the camera yet but looking forward to it.

Some example shots.
The image quality in good light is ok but the indoor shots are less than great, possibly the adaptive flash is not responding well?

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