Fuji X100 vs Olympus EP3

Well here is the beginning of an unfolding saga as I test these two new cameras.

Got the Fuji X100 as had the x10 and loved the design but wanted higher spec. Love the design especially the black limited edition which I have.

Also have the EP3 which I know has an older micro 43 sensor and not as good as the new OMD style, but couldnt afford that just now.

Anyway, the Fuji X100 is great to handle and if you can get it to focus takes fabulous shots, very fine detail, nice colour balance. Watch out for the slightly wide lens on portraits though.

Problem is IF you can get it to focus, indoors or low light the focus is right 50% of the time. Very annoying. True I’m not the best photographer on earth, (or even in my village).

The Olympus EP3 however takes shots with less details if you zoom in to pixel level and much more chroma noise even at low ISO, but the colours are rich and the images are in focus 100% of the time. (Using a 17mm prime lens i.e. 35mm equivalent, so close to the Fuji.)

So Im probably using the EP3 for street work and people, but the Fuji for landscapes and still subjects.

Will be interesting to test again with a 45mm portrait lens on the EP3.

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