Nexus 7 vs Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch

Well just compared the 2013 Nexus 7 wifi model vs the Samsung Tab 3 8 inch wifi tablet.

Very interesting result. On paper the Nexus 7 should win hands down, and most reviews of these machines call it that way.

But suggest you go try both in a shop. I now much prefer the Galaxy 8 inch tablet. Comparison follows:

1. Galaxy screen resolution is lower that Nexus, but still 1200 x 800 and much stronger colours. I find this easy to use and the extra screen size is a big difference, also much nicer for videos.

2. Weight, they feel roughly the same in hand but the Galaxy 8 inch screen works really well.

Speed, in use and opening, running most apps cant tell any difference. But not using either for games or power hungry apps. For most apps a good dual core cpu matches the newer quad core machines.

3. Feel – both machines are well made. Galaxy has 16gb internal and micro sd slot that takes up to 64gb.

4. Price, the Galaxy is around £180 to £200, so cheaper than the 32gb Nexus at £239.

Summary – for me the bigger screen, bold colours and micro sd slot make a difference, so using the Galaxy most of the time.


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