A few of my poems for your amusement. Please note the only exam I ever failed was GCSE English Literature!

Info Haiku

The Library

Cathedral of Knowledge

Custodian of the past

Emissary of the future

Nexus of papyrus and fibre optics

Guttenberg and silicon

Whispering to each other

On motes of dust.

[British Library April 2000]

Ode to Sunsets

Grey hues sublime into violet

Washed stones of cloud pebbledash the sky

A deeper palette of forms and tides

Divine artistry sculpting in air

Another day

Orange melodies and crimson harmony

Violets and purple too

A silver moon finely chiselled from the void

Twixt distant stars

Another day

Infinite yet relaxed, no stress

Crescendos of luminance and hue compete for place

Each yields to a caress and grace

Beyond mortal view who sees this Olympian canvas.

Dost Thou Reckon

Stand tall and stare

You have arrived

The Legions of history carry you on

Power and breath

Harmony and form

A trillion cells

Pulse and beat

Unity and revolution

Becoming now

Crowned with an Enchanted Loom

A mind vaster than the Milky Way above

Ennobled by the Baird

Reckon only with the Divine


Bells, tubular

Flint axe quick

Slivers of sand and dust

Hands chip flakes of time

String to bow, hunt to kill

Bows to sound, notes that thrill

Aching feet on soles of wood

Wood to bow

Fleets of oak and copper plate

Armadas sail, canvas and nail

Cannon belch, timbers crack

Clippers of tea and silk

Iron drums, tanks roll

Mills of steel

Looms to thread

Cards with holes

Silicon in heat

Sand stretched taught to glass

Virtuality lands

Worlds meet


And time may flow

That no man may see

Shadows of his self woven within

An oblique soliloquy, to me

Tangential to all things.

Blown like flotsam, on capricious winds

And still yet so substantial and full to the brim

The only shadow play to see.

Heathcliff it’s me Kathy

Starbucks in midtown Manhattan

Poor blacks sweep trash

White whales swim by, cappuccinos glued to lips

Heathcliff it’s me Kathy

Yellow rivers of cabs flow by, like Monsoon rains

Carving concrete gorges deeper in time

Black and whites cruise as barracudas do

Heathcliff it’s me Kathy

Bronx and Brooklyn hove into view

Macys and brownies, espresso to go

Subway rumbles and steaming manholes

Heathcliff it’s me Kathy

I’ve come home.

Listening to Kate Bush in Starbucks, New York, 2002


Red rocks slumber on the hill,

shadows lengthen as coffee flows

Angels tremble as great thoughts flash by,

upsetting Gods immaculate design

Wisps of bush smoke float through the valleys,

signals of percolating flames Fractal clouds and rosa sunsets,

bejewel the hacienda rooftops Nexus of thought and luminance,

portal to what might be.

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